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All About Stemistry

Stemistry was started by 15 year old Dylan Capshaw! Dylan is a teenager in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dylan first created a company called GardenMisc in 2020 as an online only business and quickly began rattling the market with his unique approach to online plant and flower sales. After one year of shipping hundreds of orders a week all by himself, he used money he had saved to open Stemistry. Stemistry combines Dylan's two passions: Flowers & Coffee.

Connecting People to Passions

Dylan has always had a passion for animals. Dylan started Capshaw Wildlife in 2017 at just 11 years old and has been rescuing exotic animals since then. Dylan has a private sanctuary with over 75 animals including kangaroos, porcupines, and many types of birds.

Kid of the Year 

Dylan was Nickelodeon and TIME Magazines Kid of the Year Finalist in 2020 for his efforts in helping people during the coronavirus pandemic. Dylan started For the Frontline and 3D printed thousands of face masks and shields to send for free to frontline workers across the country. 

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