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  • How do I place an order?
    Although we now offer guest checkout, we always recommend creating an account to keep track of your orders! You can sign in or create an account by clicking "Sign In" at the top right corner of the webpage next to the shopping cart icon. After logging in to your account, click "Shop All" on the upper left of the screen IMPORTANT: Before shopping, you will need to enter the delivery location. Begin typing the recipient's street address in the Delivery Address bar on the center-left of the page, and select the best option that appears in the drop-down menu of suggested addresses. NOTE: don't worry about entering second address line details such as floor, suite, or apartment number, you will do this later during checkout. To the right of this, select the Delivery Date from the options available on the calendar. After selecting a Delivery Date, scroll down to browse the products we have available in your recipient's delivery area. When you're done browsing and you've made your selection, click on the photo of the item you'd like to send, review the photos, and carefully read the description. When you're ready, click "Add to Cart", here you can also choose to add a vase if one is not included, then click "Checkout". Proceed through the checkout steps: Recipient details, Delivery details, check out extra Goodies, and add a Message. When you are finished with that, you can enter your payment and review your order! Recipient Details Tell us who your gift is for, where to go, and provide a phone number so we can troubleshoot issues if they come up. If you are sending to a commercial address, be sure to include the company/business name on the order. Delivery Details IMPORTANT: Double check your Delivery Date! IMPORTANT: If your order is being shipped via FedEx, please read the important details. (For example, these orders have a delivery window of 8 AM to 8 PM, as this is the only delivery window option that FedEx has at this time) If your order is in our "Local" zone and you have the option to input Delivery Instructions, please do so! Examples: "OK to leave at doorstep if no answer" or "Here's an additional point of contact: 202-111-1234" Goodies Customize your order by adding special treats or a fancy vase. Message Get witty or sentimental as the occasion merits, and add your heartfelt message. NOTE: We do not include "To:" or "From:", so you can edit your salutation & closing as you see fit. Character limits: 160 characters At this time, our note formatting may not include, emojis, all-capital letters, or special characters when printed to be sent with your gift. Characters outside of the Latin alphabet may also not appear on your note- please keep this in mind when crafting your message. Please note that your name will not be automatically included in your note, so don't forget to sign if you want the recipient to know who it is from! Review & Payment IMPORTANT: Review all your order details! Most of our orders cannot be modified or canceled after you place it, so treat every order like it is FINAL. Input your promo code on the right-hand side, right below the order total. Pay by credit card or Paypal; input your details, then scroll down to click the "Review" button. Review your order! Make sure you did add that promo code and didn't forget the apartment number, etc! IMPORTANT: You will know your order is complete when you are routed to the Success page containing your 10-digit order number
  • Can live flowers be shipped?
    Yes! Life flowers can be shipped around the world using our special packages and fresh flowers.
  • What if my flowers arrive dead?
    Well, let's hope this doesn't happen! But, if it does, we will happily send a free replacement to you. We cover all of our orders with a live arrival guarantee.
  • Can I pickout the exact flowers I am recieving?
    As much as we'd like you to come on down to our shop, many orders are from across the country. If you are not local to the Phoenix area then your order will be hand selected by us. But don't worry! Your flowers will look almost identical to the picture and we only ship the freshest we can find.
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